Is Toothfish Real?

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Q. Have you ever seen Toothfish yourself? Not personally, although something resembling the reported creature or entity did show up in photographs I took at an old gun emplacement near Wellington. I was concerned with photographing the ‘street art’ there at the time when this...

Vote Plankton!

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'Vote Plankton!' is the latest poster by the environmental eco-spirit known as Toothfish. The poster was released in New Zealand on November 16th - 2011 - to coincide with the general election to be held later that month. There will only be  200 copies of this poster rather than the...

'Selling Your Future?'

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 “Selling your Future?” is the third poster by Toothfish. The original poster design was a fixed term offer to buy the grandchild of any member of a certain well known political party. Their complete lack of leadership in terms of both sustainable energy development and ...

Mobile Tree Incubator #1

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On the 21rst of May 2011 Toothfish released into the wild the first of what will be a number of environmentally themed conceptual public sculptures in the heart of New Zealand's capital city of Wellington. 'Mobile Tree Incubator #1' was a bonsai macrocarpa tree planted inside a 1960's baby...

London Campaign

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  Southern Pacific posters raise environmental concerns in London Posted on 04/05/2011 by Fitzrovia News. By Harry Urgent. An environmental movement started in the Antipodes has made its way to London. Toothfish describes itself as an “international poster project”...

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