Paranormal Street Artist?

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Perhaps it is again time  to confront the problem of Toothfish’s purported non-existence. How can something that claims not to be of this world (or at best some kind of animal akin to Gef the Talking Mongoose) continue to produce this trail of spoor in The Real? Where do the...

Sex, Death and Plastic

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  One of Toothfish’s many incarnations was working as a wage paying stiff at a government department recently when lunch was served to a bunch of visiting executives. One of the items on the catered menu was sushi. Next to it were a bunch of little plastic bottles filled with soy...

Toothfish Under Fire

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Just what is a Toothfish and why have they become the symbol of the fight to save ‘The Last Ocean’? Toothfish are big long-lived fish that can weight up to about 100 kilos although the average catch weight is closer to ten. They eat crustaceans, squid and smaller fish and are in...

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