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Mobile Tree Incubator #1

On the 21rst of May 2011 Toothfish released into the wild the first of what will be a number of environmentally themed conceptual public sculptures in the heart of New Zealand's capital city of Wellington.

'Mobile Tree Incubator #1' was a bonsai macrocarpa tree planted inside a 1960's baby incubating device.

The sculpture was placed in the centre of Midland park in Lambton Quay at 9.00pm and remained on site until sometime on the morning of Monday May 23rd when it was uplifted and removed by an animal or person unknown.



 Thanks to -

Monsiuer Fabulon  

Photospace Gallery

 In October of 2013 Toothfish attached a modified stuffed dear's head to an un-used advertising hoarding in the same city. This one lasted for several weeks until it was uplifted by an admirer. Is this the world's first piece of street-art taxidermy?




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