'Selling Your Future?'
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'Selling Your Future?'

 “Selling your Future?” is the third poster by Toothfish.

The original poster design was a fixed term offer to buy the grandchild of any member of a certain well known political party. Their complete lack of leadership in terms of both sustainable energy development and emissions control clearly indicates they are not concerned with leaving a viable ecosystem for their descendents. So long as their own retirement is a comfortable one.....

However it was felt an art attack on a specific target limited the scope of the poster and it was decided instead to make a more general offer to purchase a child. What would the Last Church of Nature do with a young human animal if it bought one? Make sure it had a future of course!

The poster is loosely based on a copy of a recent Gold Futures Contract, i.e. an agreement to buy or sell a certain amount of  gold at fixed price at some specified point in the future - barring acts of god/war/natural disaster/global warming and/or revolution.

 The drawing of the child was commissioned by Toothfish specifically for this poster by  well-known French artist  and activist – El Barto.

“Future Boy’ went live early in August 2011 and appeared in London’s financial district shortly after the riots that month. It turned up in New York at the Occupy Wall Street Protest in Zuccotti Park and later at Occupy London. Below you can see a photo of a protestor putting one of the posters on his tent. We didn't give it to him and we don't know where he got it from.                   



'Occupy Wall Street' Protest - Zuccotti Park - New York - USA - October 2011 

 After the London Riots - The Royal Exchange and Bank of England - August 2011 

Photos by Sheridan Orr

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