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The first poster - ‘The War Against Nature Is Over’ - appeared in late 2010. This enigmatic image has now appeared on walls in over forty countries around the globe. What is the war against nature? Who fought? Who won? And why is the sheep smiling like that(or is it a goat)? 

The summit of Aiguille du Medi - part of the Mount Blanc masiff - French Alps - Photo taken July 2015

The next poster ‘You Are An Animal’ was released in early 2011.  Are you a human or an animal?  Perhaps it's time to 'step up' to being an animal?

New York - USA - October 2011

‘Selling Your Future?’ appeared late in 2011. Aimed to support the 'Occupy Movement', it appeared at 'Occupy' sites around the world including Zuccotti Park in New York and St Paul’s in London. This poster asks why are you letting your political leaders sell  the planet’s health down the river? The real question is - what are we going to do about it?

An unidentified man attaches one of the posters to his tent at the Occupy London site opposite Saint Paul's Cathedral - November 2011

Vote Plankton only appeared in New Zealand to coincide with the election campaign in late 2011. Plankton certainly would've done a much better job than the idiots who won!


‘There Is No Money’ (and it's successor - 'Sold' )was launched in Luxembourg and Paris in April of 2012  Since then they've appeared on the walls of financial institutions and money machines all over the world.

Tesco Riot Scene - Bristol - England - August 2013

In late 2012 - We are Watching You - started its world tour. Is the chicken another righteous god of nature judging you for your crimes or is it a comment on the ever increasing levels of surveillance which have become part of our lives?

The chicken appears in a supermarket in Mount Mauganui in New Zealand - August 2014

Two thousand and thirteen saw the release of the poster simply entitled 'Toothfish'. Just what is a Toothfish and why have they become the symbol of the fight to save ‘The Last Ocean’? 

Toothfish - Paris - France - July 2013

In 2014 the Big Fish got involved in the New Zealand election again with a poster depicting the Prime Minister, John Key, looking like a capitalist. Some people didn't like it.


At the same time it also released a much more positive poster which simply exhorted the people to VOTE!

VOTE - Hamilton - New Zealand - September 2014

VOTE - Hamilton - New Zealand - September 2014

This man had cancer. He liked the poster. He said it was important for people to vote.

In 2015 the Fish God returned to its pantheistic roots with the poster - There Is No God But You. Is there a god? Is it you? Or is it a fox? 



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