Paranormal Street Artist?
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Paranormal Street Artist?

Perhaps it is again time  to confront the problem of Toothfish’s purported non-existence.

How can something that claims not to be of this world (or at best some kind of animal akin to Gef the Talking Mongoose) continue to produce this trail of spoor in The Real?

Where do the posters and the paintings on the street and in the galleries come from? Who or what is producing them?

The are two possible answers. One is that they are apports.

In case you’re not familiar with this term an apport is an object (or sometimes even a living being) which has been  transferred from one part of space/time to another by some kind  of paranormal agency. These objects, often of unknown origin, are commonly associated with poltergeist activity or spiritualistic séances.

Or the artifacts  are somehow  being produced by living humans who have become possessed by whatever means it is that Toothfish uses to control human minds.

While the posters could perhaps appear spontaneously it hard to conceive how a large painting on an exterior wall could suddenly just ‘materialize’ in a way akin to the image on the Turin Shroud.

One well known person who at times seems to have possessed extremely powerful psychic gifts is the Englishman Matthew Manning(1955 -   ). As a teenager, both at home and at school, he was plagued by disturbing poltergeist activity and found that one way to control this was to ‘channel’ the spirits that seemed to want to control him( including long dead doctors, priests and artists) via automatic writing and drawings.  Manning would sit down with a piece of paper in front of him and appear to write automatically under their control or produce  drawings with no seeming fore-knowledge of what the end result would be. Some dead artists were more ‘communicative’ than others with three of the most  productive being Aubrey Beardsley (1872 -1898) Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) and Albrecht Durer (1471-1528). They either did copies of previous works or entirely new ones. Much of the information produced by Manning was of a scale and import far beyond the knowledge of a sixteen year old school boy and it is hard to imagine that he was faking it all.

A drawing by Matthew Manning after receiving a communication from the Bishop Kephalos Nektarios who died in 1920. The drawing itself seems to be in the style of Albrecht Durer.  ‘(The Link’ by Matthew Manning – Corgi Books 1975, page 128).

Interestingly there are a couple of modern ‘street artists’ who have made recent claims that an unseen hand (or force) seems to have directed some of  their recent work.

One of these is Phantasm from London.

“I was working on this piece on this old shop front in the Old East India Docks when this armadillo with a rocket launcher started going wrong and turning into this fish with big teeth. I tried to keep turning it back into an armadillo but something kept control of my hand and painting the damn  fish. Once it was it was finished whatever it was released me. I can’t explain it! It wasn't until recently that I made the connection with Toothfish. It’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me.”


 The head of what looks like a Viper Fish which Phantasm claims he painted while possessed by Toothfish in East London in 2012. 

In New Zealand well-known Street Artist, Ghostie, also had a strange experience.

“I was doing a big painting on board for a client and had almost finished it. I went out to get a cup of coffee and when I cam back ten minutes later something had added a large scary looking chicken head on top of my painting. A similar thing happened a while back but that time it was a sheep. I rang Strange Occurrences (a local paranormal investigation group) and they sent a team round and found strong fluctuations in the magnetic fields in the room. It’s the weirdest thing!”

James Gilberd of 'Strange Occurences' had this to say - "After conducting field investigations in the vicinity of several of the mysterious works mentioned in this article I think it's likely the images have appeared from the future, via a 'dimensional fold' or some other, similar rift in time as yet not understood. 

High levels of lingering EMF and atmospheric pooling of both positive and negative ions, which refuse to disperse in a normal manner, would indicate that some sort of fundamental upsetting of the space-time continium has occurred.

 A large painting on board by Ghostie with the purported Toothfish addition in the foreground.(2014)

While we are still at the speculation stage of research - attempting to form hypothises that link our evdiential readings with the mysterious appearances of said artworks (if that's even what they are) - our leading hypothesis is that the works have been sent from the future as a kind of warning. 

Perhaps this is an attempt by future environmental eco warriors, or some more legitimate organisation, to affect and/or alter the past. Since current scientific evidence overwhelmingly suggests that we're headed to hell in a handcart, this seems a plausible hypothesis. More field research is scheduled.

Most recently works seemingly signed by Toothfish have begun appearing in the North of England – particularly around the city of Sunderland. As well as featuring two common Toothfish trademarks, the colour red and large scary pictures of righteous looking animals, some of the paintings were actually signed ‘Toothfish’ (which is unusual).

We’ll keep you posted on developments.

A Burrowing Owl (from Chile) on the wall of some pedestrian tunnels in Sunderland in Northern England. It appeared one night in November 2014 along with these other large burrowing animals. 

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