Extinction? Can we survive the century?
I’m not going to try and convince you that climate change is real or not.If you don’t believe it's real there's nothing I can say that will change your mind.But perhaps – like many of us – you feel powerless? How can one person make a difference? In reality there are many people who have had a massive impact on the world. Nelson Mandela. Gandhi. ... Read more

New Zealand's Biggest Ever Street Art Paste-Up Celebrates Fish Love
On Saturday (25th February) the artists, Toothfish and Bent created what they claim to be New Zealand's biggest ever street art paste-up, as part of Inanga Love Park, a stream-side artist-made pocket park in a formerly a trashed out transport corridor in Petone near Wellington. Read more

Do we really need to kid ourselves that some hypothetical god is ever going to come along and clean up our mess? It’s just not going to happen. We may be at the tipping point but we can still alter the future? It’s not too late to come to our senses and start building a more inclusive and connected relationship with the natural world. Read more

The Transmogrification of John Key

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, has performed many miracles since he became a disciple of the Almighty Dollar! He has roasted the leprous Labour Party, tossed the unholy Greens and made a butter-chicken out of the anti-Key, Kim Dotcom. Anyone who opposes him is either ill-informed or just plain wrong! Hail the Dollar and Bless the Cash!

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The next poster will bring down the Government!

In the past Toothfish has been accused of vandalizing National Party advertising hoardings in the lead-up to the General Election and last year was no different. Some person or group was affixing a perfectly scaled and treated image of a skull-like robotic head(from the movie Terminator)over the face of the Prime-minister on billboards around the country and Toothfish seemed to be Suspect Number One. When the Big Fish decided to use the "Terminator' head on some of its own posters the shit really hit the fan!

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Paranormal Street Artist?

How can something that claims not to be of this world (or at best some kind of animal akin to Gef the Talking Mongoose) continue to produce this trail of spoor in The Real?

Where do the posters and the paintings on the street and in the galleries come from? Who or what is producing them? 

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In the 2011 election Toothfish asked you to Vote Plankton. This time round it's just asking you to VOTE! The mysterious  artist (if that's indeed what it is) is having an exhibition of fine art and posters with a political bent to coincide with the upcoming general election this September. The opening is at the Matchbox Gallery (downstairs at 166 Cuba Street) from 5.30 - 8.00pm on the evening of Monday, September 8th, and the show runs until the 14th of September.

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The Key to Wealth and Happiness?
On the 28th of March, 2014, Toothfish (in collaboration with noted New Zealand portrait painter Dojo Zen) premiered its latest poster on Facebook. The controversial image featured a painting of current New Zealander Prime-Minister, John Key. You can download a PDF of  this poster, the Tony Abbott poster and/or a sheet of Toothfish stickers at some links  the end of the article.
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Sex, Death and Plastic
Toothfish gets angry (but sexy!) about the amount of plastic in the ocean which is threatening the lives of both animals and people. So many of the worlds problems seem insurmountably complex but this is one issue where we can all make a difference with only a tiny amount of effort.
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Toothfish Under Fire
The Ross Sea is the last  ocean on earth you want to have an accident but some of the fishing boats which go down there are in a poor condition and the badly paid crews have insufficient training to cope with the harsh conditions. The summer fishing season of 2011/2012 was an unmitigated disaster with three Toothfish boats getting into serious trouble and another one this month (April 2013). How many more ships need to sink and burn before we wake up to the risk of a major catastrophe? We need to act now before it is too late!
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The War Against Nature is Over - Five Photos
The first poster - 'The War Against Nature is Over' -  has been traveling around the world (appearing in almost 50 countries) now for three years and there are only a few left. The photos below are a few of Toothfish's  favorites but you can see many more photos of the poster up around the world in the Photo Gallery.
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The Many Faces of Toothfish
The ritual masks below come from the private collection of an anonymous ethnologist who is an expert on the Toothfish cult. Some are clearly Toothfishian - but the symbolism of others remains obscure. Are they depicting Toothfish, one of its intermediaries  or another similar nature spirit? It doesn't really matter does it?
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Toothfish - New Zealand Show

The latest show by the entity currently known as Toothfish was at Photospace Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand.

If you were there you would have seen  the latest posters, screen-prints, t-shirts, paintings and ritual masks and a monitor showed a slide-show of photos of Toothfish posters up all over the world.

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There Is No Money/SOLD
The poster, 'There is no Money' was released in Luxembourg in April 2012. Like poster No.3 - 'Selling Your Future?' - it looks at the importance we place on the acquisition of wealth as well as money's every-changing relationships with people,objects and things. We seem to take money for granted but where did it come from and where is it going?
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Is Toothfish Real?

An interview with James Gilberd, the author of Spooked (Random House, NZ 2011), and the co-founder of New Zealand's foremost paranormal  investigation group - Strange Occurrences. He discusses some of the current theories regarding  Toothfish and makes comparisons with some other unexplained phenomena that may have a bearing on this most interesting case.

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The Battle of the Billboards - Street Art Vs Politics

There was a general election in New Zealand in November of 2011 as a result of which the National Government gained another term in office.

One month before the election there was a preliminary battle for political turf. At stake were the high visibility spots on the nation’s street corners and verges – the prime spots to erect political billboards (or ‘hoardings’).

Many of these signs  - particularly the National Party's - were defaced by activists.

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Vote Plankton!

'Vote Plankton!' is the latest poster by the environmental eco-spirit known as Toothfish.

The poster was released in New Zealand on November 16th - 2011 - to coincide with the general election to be held later that month.

Humans needs to stop mining and burning fossil fuels now! We need to develop  new sources of sustainable energy while we still have the resources to do so! Vote for a political party that is looking to the future rather than trying to cling to the past!
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'Selling Your Future?'

“Selling your Future?” is the third poster by Toothfish.

The poster is loosely based on a copy of a recent Gold Futures Contract, i.e. an agreement to buy or sell a certain amount of  gold at fixed price at some specified point in the future - barring acts of god/war/natural disaster/global warming and/or revolution.

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On the 21rst of May 2011 Toothfish released into the wild the first of what will be a number of environmentally themed conceptual public sculptures in the heart of New Zealand's capital city of Wellington.

'Mobile Tree Incubator #1' was a bonzai macrocarpa tree planted inside a 1960's baby incubating device.

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London Campaign

An environmental movement started in the Antipodes has made its way to London. Toothfish describes itself as an “international poster project” which began during 2010 and aims to raise awareness of the destruction of the earth’s natural resources.

Posters have recently appeared on the disused Berners Hotel in Fitzrovia. The hotel joined the list of major neglected sites in Fitzrovia after it closed its doors in 2006, passing through a series of owners becoming dormant and forgotten to this day.

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