Toothfish Under Fire

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Just what is a Toothfish and why have they become the symbol of the fight to save ‘The Last Ocean’? Toothfish are big long-lived fish that can weight up to about 100 kilos although the average catch weight is closer to ten. They eat crustaceans, squid and smaller fish and are in...

The Many Faces of Toothfish

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The earlier so-called Primitive Religions, which still hold sway in some parts of the world, do not put humans on a metaphysical pedestal. They believe that everything - not just humans -  has a soul and its own right to life and that we need to respect a nature which can be bountiful...

Toothfish - New Zealand Show

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The latest show by the entity currently known as Toothfish was at Photospace Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand. If you were there you would have seen  the latest posters, screen-prints, t-shirts, paintings and ritual masks and a monitor showed a slide-show of photos of Toothfish posters...

There Is No Money/SOLD

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This poster -  which was released in Luxembourg in April 2012, - started off with a large $ sign and the slogan - 'There Is No Money' before the slogan was changed to just the word,'SOLD!' People have been encouraged to attach the posters and stickers to the walls of banks and other...

Is Toothfish Real?

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Q. Have you ever seen Toothfish yourself? Not personally, although something resembling the reported creature or entity did show up in photographs I took at an old gun emplacement near Wellington. I was concerned with photographing the ‘street art’ there at the time when this...

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