The Transmogrification of John Key
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The Transmogrification of John Key

New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, has performed many miracles since he became a disciple of the Almighty Dollar! 


He has roasted the leprous Labour Party, tossed the unholy Greens and made a butter-chicken out of the anti-Key, Kim Dotcom. Anyone who opposes him is either ill-informed or just plain wrong!


His unstinting efforts have give the GCSB(Government Communications Security Bureau) the tools they need to listen to our phone calls and read our emails. Everyone needs to watched at all times in case they do something stupid!


He has sold off those annoying but profitable public energy companies and led the sensible charge to expand mining activities in our dormant National Parks and unproductive coastal waters. 


And King Key  has championed the power of corporate might and right with his unwavering support for the awesomely enfranchising Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Emboldened by Mr Key's utter magnificence Toothfish  has commissioned house artist Dojo Zen to paint an iconic portrait of the man in oil on board (254 x 203cm). See Trade Me for details! A poster version  has just started its tour of the country.  


You can watch a video of some of Toothfish's recent antics below. Hail the Dollar and Bless the Cash!


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